“I knew Bolser would really think about the user experience and how to prioritise functionality and features within the app. The new UI/UX is fantastic and we’ve received some great feedback on the clever use of animation.”

Lisa Bowen-Dawes, Digital Technology Manager, KFC

The challenge

Creating an intuitive experience

KFC’s goals were to transform the app experience by designing a more intuitive experience, with a clearer loyalty proposition and the ability to use the app for both collecting and redeeming virtual stamps

The target KPIs included improving app review rankings, increasing app installations and utilisation rates. The app needed to deliver higher average order values and increase return visits.

What we did

In-depth research and optimisation

We undertook extensive research to identify areas for app design improvements and app store optimisation, including:

  • Our expert UI and UX team visited KFC restaurants to research how customers and staff were using the app
  • We analysed the in-app usage statistics and identified critical areas for optimisation
  • We discovered that customers loved the rewards available from the loyalty scheme, but not their experience using the app
  • The staff found it too hard to use, so didn’t feel comfortable recommending it
  • We used this research to redesign the app making it more loyalty focused, more engaging and much easier to use, significantly improving the user journey from stamp collection to redemption
  • We also analysed existing reviews, submitting for removal invalid reviews that did not meet the standards of Google and Apple
  • The results speak for themselves!

The results

App usage up 500%

After our redesign was implemented KFC saw across-the-board performance improvements:

  • Views in the app store increased by 97%
  • IOS app sessions increased by 53%
  • Installations increased by 58%
  • Active app use increased by 500%
  • The App Store rating went from 2.5 stars to 4.5 stars

And the Colonel sold (loads) more chicken!