“Bolser’s ability to move from creative ideation to execution is unmatched in the industry. Their team is a powerhouse of talent and their innovative mindset has helped bring our project to life in ways I never thought possible. Their expertise in crafting a fully-immersive digital experience that not only replicated, but also enhanced the real-world environment, has been a game-changer. The final product was an interactive and engaging platform that exceeded all expectations and left a lasting impression.”

Eric Wahlquist, Senior Marketing & Communications Manager, Microsoft Industry Solutions 

The challenge

Humanity behind the technology 

Microsoft provides support and software to organisations involved in the provision of critical public infrastructure including transport, health and education. Our challenge was to build a digital prototype that would tell that story in an engaging way, using a natural narrative style, covering video, audio, text and photography, to highlight the humanity behind the technology.  

What we did

Created a stunning, informative digital experience 

We designed and built a visually stunning interactive prototype that featured audio, video, and expert interviews, allowing users to learn about strategic locations along the river at key locales such as Governors Island, West Point Academy, Poughkeepsie, Hudson, Albany, and Lake Tear of the Clouds. 

The first step was building out the concept, through stakeholder discovery sessions and wireframes. We then headed off to New York to help gather the content, exploring the sites and interviewing the experts involved in some fascinating programs.  

Once we had the content, we developed a way to present it that was both informative and engaging, using a combination of audio, video, and text. We also simplified the use of maps, so it became a pivotal navigational feature to allow users to explore the Hudson River in more detail. 

The results

For the future

We built a digital prototype using incredible content gathered along the Hudson River to showcase Microsoft’s abilities in the provision of public infrastructure and demonstrate the potential of using narrative driven digital experiences to engage and entertain prospective clients. 

Where could this tool be taken next? We are committed to continuing to develop the ideas and concepts used to bring this small section of the river to life and will be sharing our progress in the future. 

"Bolser's team was an absolute joy to work with. Their professionalism, enthusiasm, and friendliness made the entire process fun and easy, ensuring a seamless collaboration. Overall, I cannot recommend Bolser enough. If you're looking for a company that can turn your creative vision into a reality and make the process enjoyable along the way, then look no further than Bolser. They truly are the best in the business!"

Eric Wahlquist, Senior Marketing & Communications Manager, Microsoft Industry Solutions