Keeping AIG Life ahead of the (digital) curve

AIG Life, current sponsors of the New Zealand All Blacks, appointed Bolser to develop a new website that showcased their insurance products to both consumer and business audiences. Goals included improving user experience, optimising the customer journey, improving SEO performance, creating a design system, and integrating with their Episerver CMS platform.


uplift in new users


accessibility index score


increase in page load speed

“Innovative, always thinking ahead of the curve, Bolser have specialist expertise and offer fresh ideas without being asked.”
Sue Helmont, Marketing Director
The challenge

Brand alignment, UX, and a high performance website

AIG Life’s new website needed to reflect the design standards of the global brand, showcase new products, and integrate content from a legacy website.

Creating an improved mobile experience was a priority due to the increase in mobile usage in the business to business financial services market.

Other requirements included improved accessibility standards, simplifying the existing navigation and integration with a new easy-to-use CMS to facilitate maintenance by AIG Life’s marketing team.

What we did

Designed and built a fast, easy-to-maintain site using Episerver

Working closely with the team at AIG Life, we designed and built a modular website within the specified timescale and budget. Activities included:

  • Holding immersion sessions with brokers and customers to better understand user requirements
  • Preparing customer journey maps for each target audience
  • Benchmarking performance against competitors
  • Using the Episerver CMS platform to allow the AIG Life team to maintain content and respond quickly to new content opportunities
  • Delivering a consistent, unified, and professional look consistent with the AIG global brand
  • Improving the user journey and navigation to allow users to access more relevant content in fewer clicks
  • Dramatically improving the mobile experience
  • Showcasing AIG’s culture, benefits, charity work and New Zealand All Blacks brand sponsorship.
The results

Improved organic visibility, page load speed, accessibility

The search engine optimisation built into the new site helped deliver a 30% uplift in new users. Improved navigation means that visitors are finding the content they want faster and are staying on the site longer to read more of it. Performance of the website is vastly improved with pages loading 47% quicker than the old website. And the website surpassed accessibility goals, with many pages achieving automatic accessibility scores of 100/100.

“The quality of the work is incredible and their methodology and approach to clients is second to none. 10/10. I would recommend Bolser without hesitation. ”
Marcus Evangelou, Digital Optimisation Manager

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