New Asda Mobile website delivers 600% ROI

Asda Mobile, a mobile virtual network operator owned by Asda, one of the largest supermarket chains in the UK, appointed our design and UX specialists to design and build a website that would increase lead conversions and reduce the cost of new customer acquisition via online channels.


increase in conversions


ROI for every £1 spent

“Bolser have made us think differently about how we achieve our objectives. They are always coming up with highly creative and innovative campaigns that make us sit up and take notice. It’s a true partnership where we can always rely on them to represent the best interests of our customers.”
James McMurrough, Marketing Manager
The challenge

Increase lead conversions and reduce the cost of new customer acquisition

The pay-as-you-go market is competitive, and the resulting high cost of acquiring website traffic meant that lead generation through online channels was unsustainably expensive.

The challenge was to design and build a new website that increased conversion of hard-won traffic into new customers. We needed to make it easy to measure and report the results and significantly lower the cost of online acquisition.

What we did

Redesigned the website to optimise the customer journey and make ASDA competitive in the pay-as-you-go market

Our UI and UX specialists redesigned the website to optimise every step in the customer conversion sign-up journey. Steps we took included:

  • Using a combination of heat mapping and visual website optimiser software (VWO) to identify and prioritise opportunities for improvement throughout the conversion and sign-up journey
  • Running multiple A/B tests to understand behaviour
  • Based on the results of tests, we improved the benefits message, call to action, and simplified application forms
  • Our technical SEO specialists made sure that landing pages were optimised for keyword search visibility and maximised click-throughs from search results
  • Using Agile (Scrum) methodologies to deliver a site that was fast, robust, and integrated with the Asda CRM Salesforce platform
  • Producing performance data that enabled ASDA to direct their marketing spend into the most profitable channels, further reducing the cost of acquisition.


The site was delivered on time and on budget.

The results

Every £1 ASDA spent with us, we turned into £6

We saw a 21% conversion increase on the SIM order page, which meant that for every £1 Asda Mobile spent with Bolser, we turned it into £6.  We also substantially improved natural search results and quantified its advantage over ‘pay per click’.

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