Asda Money website: from new market entrant to major player

Working for over 10 years with ASDA, one of the UK’s largest supermarket chains, we designed and developed several high-performance websites for their Asda Financial Services subsidiary.

The brief was to capitalise on the brand value proposition to make their products stand out in a busy and competitive marketplace, while demonstrating credibility and trust.

“Bolser was our trusted website design and development partner from launch and through a period of rapid growth. They have always gone the extra mile for us, and I trust them implicitly to deliver high quality solutions, on-time and on-budget.”
Nathan Mills, General Manager, ASDA Financial Services Marketing
The challenge

Design and build a website to show off ASDA Money's products

The challenge included increasing website traffic in a competitive market that consists of a large number of highly-optimised comparison sites.

Asda needed to make sure that new customer acquisition was cost-effective across all 12 value-based financial services products; from savings, to credit cards, loans and insurance.

What we did

Used UI design to highlight the value-based benefits of each product, building a highly-functional website

We helped ASDA successfully launch their products and rapidly acquire visibility and market share by:

  • Incorporating the Asda personality into the design to build trust
  • Demonstrating credibility via personal testimonials
  • Ensuring that the design clearly communicated the value-based benefits of each of their products
  • Working closely with Asda’s internal team, and underwriters, to test and refine the messages in all calls to action
  • Using a combination of heat mapping, visual website optimiser (VWO) software and sequential A/B tests to continually improve the UX, conversion and sign-up journeys
  • Using agile methodologies to deliver a fast and highly functional website
  • Building out a fully integrated eCRM solution that included email
  • Working efficiently in a highly regulated, Financial Services Compliance environment.

Throughout our 10-year relationship with Asda Financial Services, we designed, developed and iterated multiple websites: always on budget, always on time.

The results

ASDA became one of the leading providers of value-based financial services products

Over a 2 year period Asda Financial Services became one of the UK’s leading providers of value-based financial services products.

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