Designing a stunning Shopify site for Masuku masks

Masuku is a joint venture between supermodel and entrepreneur Natalia Vodianova and Pentatonic, the Berlin-and-London-based design company. With more than 90% of the world’s population breathing polluted air and the vast majority of masks being unrecyclable, their aim is to revolutionise the face mask industry.

Masuku identified the need for a more stylish, high performing, sustainable face mask over 4 years ago, well before Covid. Now leading the way with powerful filtration, comfort and style, their eco-friendly masks protect against both pollutants and viruses and are set to last long after the pandemic.

Bolser were tasked with designing and building an ecommerce site for Masuku to enable online sales of their air filtration products, globally.


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“We really enjoyed working with the Bolser team and are very grateful for their time and dedication. We are delighted with the look and feel of the site.”
Jamie Hall, Co Founder/Chief Marketing Officer
The challenge

A visually stunning Shopify site, live across the globe in 8 weeks.

Our team were challenged with planning, designing and building a global Shopify site, in 8 weeks. The site had to be visually striking, highly accessible and accept payments in multiple currencies.

Masuku wanted the site to tell the story of ‘clean air’ in a visually compelling way. The overall look and feel of the site was crucial as it had to reflect the designer brand and its close association with high fashion. It had to look fabulous!

What we did

Striking visuals with a focus on the user journey

  • We started with an in-depth discovery phase to ensure all Masuku’s requirements were incorporated from the outset.
  • Before commencing work on the main site, we created a landing page to enable people to register their interest in the products.
  • Our delivery team used agile techniques to steer the project from the design stage right through to QA and delivery.
  • The Shopify Ecommerce platform was built and designed to allow payments in multiple currencies (GBP, USD, EUR), with the capability to add more when required.
  • With our dedication to accessibility, we ensured the site was not only highly visual but user friendly and effective for use with screen readers.
  • Working closely with the team at Masuku we designed the visual elements of the site to be as impactful as possible.
  • Integrating the Shopify plugin, ReCharge, enabled automatic repurchasing of replaceable mask filters, for subscribers.
  • Our SEO team conducted thorough keyword research to ensure the site was fully optimised before going live.

A highly visual, high performing site

Go live was successful worldwide and the team at Masuku are delighted with the look and usability of the site. The launch has already made waves in international circles and received significant press coverage:

Standard, Wired, Fast Company, Financial Times

What’s more, our focus on usability and site optimisation resulted in a top performing website with the site traffic volume soon putting Masuku in the top 10% of new Shopify stores, globally.

Just take a look at the Google Lighthouse scores:

  • 92/100 for accessibility
  • 91/100 for SEO
  • 100/100 for site build practices
  • 97/100 for performances

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