“I like the way Bolser have integrated with my team: they are very open and honest, and care about the results.”

Travis Sutherland, VP Digital, Discovery

The challenge

An integrated strategy to drive website traffic and increase app usage

Discovery+ content is localised for each country. We were tasked with optimising the website and app store listing in each market, with the aim of driving international downloads and audience engagement.

Challenges included working in multiple languages and making an impact in a fiercely competitive environment.

What we did

Strategic planning with immediate results

Working as part of the Discovery+ team, our SEO and app store optimisation experts developed a strategic approach aimed at long term success but with the immediate impact needed to support wider launch activities.

SEO and app store optimisation each required a separate plan, but an integrated approach meant that Discovery+ benefited from a deeper understanding of the customer journey, from initial search through to app download and utilisation.

We audited and benchmarked initial performance, undertook SEO competitor, backlink and keyword analyses for each market, and built technical optimisation plans that aligned with the local differentiators for Discovery+.

App store optimisation checklists in each market included:

  • Competitor research
  • App release guidelines
  • App descriptions
  • Content types
  • App review moderation

During phase 1 the plans were implemented in Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway and Japan with great success. 

The results

Great results in all 5 countries

The app store optimisation and SEO programme has contributed to significant improvements for all target metrics in all countries, including: 

  • 70% increase in organic referrals.
  • Average rating up from 2 stars to 4 stars.
  • ‘Featured app’ status achieved five times in the Apple store
  • 144% average increase in IOS downloads
  • 96% average increase in Android downloads