Pitch-perfect new website for the UK’s largest sports charity, the Football Foundation

The Football Foundation is the Premier League, the FA and the Government’s charity. The foundation aims to transform lives and strengthen communities by improving the quality of grassroots football facilities across the UK. Over the last 20 years, thousands of projects worth over £1.5 billion have been completed for local communities across the country.

Following a brand refresh in 2019, Bolser were appointed to design and develop a new website to demonstrate the impact of funding provided by the foundation. The brief also included a redesign of the charity’s grant application portal to make it easier for organisations to apply for funding.


increase in grant applications


accessibility index score


increase in organic click through rate

“Bolser have exceeded our expectations on every front. They really spent time understanding our vision and the needs of our users, working seamlessly with my team to build a beautiful, impactful website in record time. Overall they made the process so easy for us and are a joy to work with.”
Sam Bunis, Director of Brand, Marketing and Communications
The challenge

Design and launch a best-in-class website and grant application portal. Within five months

Our team were asked to design and build a new website and grant application portal that reflected the look and feel of the updated brand and made it easier for grassroots football organisations to apply for funding.

The Football Foundation team wanted their new website to:

  • Reflect the new Football Foundation brand, positioning and strategy
  • Deliver an improved user experience 
  • Increase the number of applications submitted through the funding application portal
  • Provide a user experience aligned with the needs of, and optimised for, the grassroots football community
  • Highlight the foundation’s good news stories
  • Drive more organic visitors to the website 
  • Showcase high profile partners and ambassadors
  • Be optimised for search queries of the grassroots football community
  • Increase the brand visibility of the foundation
  • Provide Football Foundation staff with an easy-to-use content management system for updates
  • Enable applications to self serve throughout the application process
  • Be ready for launch within five months!
What we did

Designed and built an easy-to-maintain, user-centric website using Drupal 8 CMS

Our design and web development teams used the latest Drupal CMS to deliver a best-in-class website.

It began with a digital strategy workshop with the charity’s key stakeholders. Our team facilitated and helped align the charity’s needs, along with their commercial partners, to produce a detailed plan of action.

Our UI and UX-led approach ensured that the website provided a seamless, intuitive journey for end users. The inclusive design conformed with the latest accessibility standards to make sure the website could be used by everyone - a key requirement of the foundation’s government partner, the Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport.

The website was built to integrate seamlessly with our redesigned grant application portal and included a series of visual filters to ensure that users were directed to the right application form for their needs.

The SEO team undertook in-depth keyword research and analysed existing content to ensure that the website was optimised to meet the search intentions of their target audience.

The Drupal CMS was designed with an intuitive interface so the foundation team could implement changes quickly and easily.

Using Agile, Scrum methodology we kept the project on-track throughout, and ensured that the website was delivered on-spec, on-budget, and within the five month target.


A high performance website delivered on-spec, on-budget, and on-time

The new website has already delivered a huge increase in grant applications plus significant improvements in performance, ease of use and accessibility.

  • 500% increase in the number of grant applications 
  • Most users gave the new website the top score of 7 out of 7
  • An immediate uplift in overall website performance of 32%
  • Ranking in positions 1-3 for 24 target keywords
  • The accessibility index across both desktop and mobile increased to 98/100 from 60/100
  • The Desktop SEO index increased to 100/100 from 80/100
  • The Mobile SEO increased to 98/100.
  • Average position in search has improved by 5 places based on targeted keywords
  • 300% increase in organic click through rate


Looking ahead, the design of the website and the use of Drupal CMS has provided a future-proof platform through which continual enhancements to content and performance can be implemented quickly and easily.

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