The challenge 

Improve access to innovation funding 

The challenge was to help increase the amount of funding granted for innovation by making the site easy to find and navigate for all users, including businesses, individuals and funding partners.  The Innovate team were keen to work collaboratively with us to design an intuitive user journey, ensuring easy access to all the information required to support innovation initiatives.  


What we did

Intuitive UX Design and Build

  • A collaborative discovery phase to understand the target audiences and the support available for innovation.
  • Incorporated the new Innovate UK branding across the website designs. 
  • Customer journey analysis and user flows to ensure easy site navigation.
  • Intuitive search functionality to allow easy access to information.
  • Search Engine Optimisation to maximise site visibility.
  • Set up detailed analytics and heat mapping software to track site usage.
  • Built a cost-effective and easy to manage CMS that is scalable for Innovate UK.

The results

A successful website launch at London Tech Week  

We achieved the demanding deadline and completed the site in time for the high profile launch at London Tech Week. The Innovate UK team were delighted with the excellent feedback they received from the esteemed event guests.  

The site analytics on launch revealed much improved Google Lighthouse scores and ranking:

  • Top ten Google ranking for 10 keywords
  • 92/100 for site build 
  • 98/100 for accessibility 
  • 92/100 for SEO