“Bolser are innovative, creative and can also deliver the final product. It’s rare to find an agency who are so good at coming up with an initial concept, design the creative and technical production right through to delivery.”

Jolene Colquhoun, Senior Business Development Manager, Sony

What we did

Created a whole new game genre

We created, designed and built a world first virtual reality, geolocation game, which allowed players to compose graffiti tags and place them in the real world, challenging other players in the process. Unique tags were created and placed in over 400,000 locations across the world from Alaska to Argentina. 

The technical bit

Delivery of the complete game codes

We achieved an ultra-slick game experience, engineering the code in C++. We also designed and built the database holding all the player details, images of the unique tags, geolocation data and game rules. By mapping and storing each tag and its location in the world, it could be viewed within the game and via Google street view.

The results

Global coverage, 33% target market penetration

Sony Tag was a monumental hit. It was the first game of its kind, combining virtual reality and geolocation. Played in over 110 countries by one third of our target Playstation users, over 400,000 tags were placed worldwide.