“Bolser transformed the performance of the TeachMe Anatomy app. Their ASO team were enthusiastic, knowledgeable and produced results that exceeded all expectations in terms of both downloads and revenue.”

Dr Oliver Jones, Founder, The TeachMe Series

The challenge 

Taking the lead in a competitive market

The medical category is competitive, with several successful apps dominating the top positions in both iOS & Google Play. The TeachMe Anatomy app had never been fully optimised or promoted in the stores, so the impact of a complete ASO workover was potentially significant.

What we did

ASO review, strategy and implementation

  • The project began with a detailed ASO audit, including competitor and market analysis, to benchmark the app’s current position in the app stores and highlight opportunities for improvement.
  • Our expert team then conducted keyword research to understand the sector’s most popular search terms.
  • The research findings were used to improve the relevance and effectiveness of the metadata in the description and subtitles.
  • To help boost conversion rates, our design team created a striking demo video to showcase the main features of the app.
  • We created and executed a targeted PPC ad campaign to cost effectively generate additional downloads. This featured display ads in the Google Play Store, the search engine result pages and on YouTube.
  • An iOS app store ad campaign was also implemented to increase visibility and presence in the iOS store.

The results

Revenue and campaign targets were all exceeded

The ASO changes and campaign we implemented had a huge impact on the app’s performance. The results exceeded all expectations, clearly demonstrating the importance of effective app store optimisation to the success of any app.

Organic ASO
  • ASO score increased from 64/100 to 98/100.
  • 30% increase in Google Play in-app purchase revenue.
  • 55% increase in downloads, in the Google Play Store.
  • 100% increase in IOS in-app purchase revenue.
  • 25% increase in iOS app store impressions.
Ad campaigns
  • CPC £0.02 compared to £0.88 industry average.
  • CTR 5% compared to 1% industry average.
  • Conversion rate 18% compared to 9% industry average.