The evolution of live streaming for Xbox retailers: innovation drives Xbox sales

Bolser have worked closely with the Xbox team for several years, developing innovative technologies to enhance the online retail experience for their global network of retail partners and helping to drive Xbox sales.


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“The work is awesome - Bolser are great at understanding the goals and needs of a program, then adding in their expertise to accomplish this in a digital format. They are quick and nimble in both communication and dev work.”
Joseph Reid, Channel Marketing Manager
The challenge

Bringing live streaming to Xbox retail partner websites

More people watch livestream content of other people playing games than actually play games. These viewers are a key target audience for Xbox game sales.

The Xbox channel marketing team tasked our designers and developers with creating a live streaming platform to deploy on retail partner’s websites, to increase sales of Xbox games and consoles.

The platform had to enable the user to seamlessly click to purchase the game while watching the Livestream.  It also needed to be robust, to use Microsoft technology and be easy to plugin to retailer’s websites.

What we did

Changed the way retailers sell Xbox’s and games

Our development team worked closely with Microsoft’s Channel Marketing team to develop the Xbox Interactive Studios iframe:

  • We created a series of prototypes to gain an understanding of the technical options

  • An early MVP solution allowed us to deliver iterative improvements based on analysis of customer usage

  • We continue to use our agile, scrum methodology to implement new features and performance enhancements to the product, which is now in Version 3.

The technical bit

Ground-breaking accessibility enhancements

Having successfully implemented the livestreaming platform across more than 30 major retailers we were given the challenge of making it accessible to users with hearing loss.

We came up with a ‘world first’ for live streaming on retailer sites and developed a closed captioning subtitles solution, using Microsoft’s Azure Speech to text tool. This not only made the dynamic platform accessible to millions of new users, it also enhanced the experience for all users as content could now be easily understood with the sound muted. Essential when viewing the Livestream on a device in a public place, such as a smart phone on a train.

The results

Significant uplift in website conversion rates

Xbox Interactive Live Streaming is revolutionising the way customers engage and purchase Xbox products online.

Analytics showed that website visitors to pages with live streaming were much more likely to click through to a purchase. Dwell times also increased significantly.

The platform is now live in over 20 countries on the websites of more than 30 major Xbox retail partners including Best Buy, Walmart, GameStop, Game, JB Hi-Fi and Game Planet.

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