The Bolser Chronicles: navigating the maze of misspellings

Welcome to the enchanting world of Bolser Digital Agency – or should I say Bolster, Balser, Bolsar, or perhaps even Balsa? 

Our name, as adaptable as our digital solutions, morphs into a variety of spellings that could leave even the cleverest linguist puzzled. In the spirit of digital innovation and a dash of good humour, let's embark on a linguistic journey to explore the myriad ways my name, Bolser, has been creatively reinterpreted.

The curious case of phonetics: The Bolser misadventures 

Phonetics, the art of sound, has played a whimsical role in my life and the life of Bolser Digital.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to spell my name slowly on the phone, “s” for sugar not “f” for Freddy, Bolfer anyone? Worst so far “Mr Palfrey”. 

As a business we've been called Balser, Bolsar, and even Bolsor – each version a unique twist on our original moniker. It's like a game of Chinese whispers where our name evolves with each retelling. But worry not; each iteration still leads back to our core identity: an amazing digital agency.

Balsa Wood and other tales 

In a particularly amusing twist, we've often been called Balsa – yes, the lightweight wood used in model aircraft. While we're flattered by the comparison (we do aim to make your digital projects soar!), we assure you our expertise is in digital, not in carpentry. 

The perils of auto-correct 

Let's not forget the role of technology in this name game. Auto-correct, our well-meaning yet sometimes overzealous digital companion, has a penchant for turning 'Bolser' into 'Bolster', 'Bowler', and even 'Boiler'. While we do bolster digital strategies and occasionally knock down pins in a bowling alley, our primary focus remains on elevating your digital presence. 

Embracing the missteps 

These misspellings are a testament to our ever-evolving digital world. They remind us that, in an age where communication is often hurried and digital interactions are fleeting, attention to detail is paramount. Yet, they also highlight the importance of adaptability and humour in the face of minor misfortunes. 

So, whether you know us as Bolser, Balser, Bolsar, or Balsa, we welcome you with open arms. It's not just about the name; it's about the experience, the innovation, and the digital journey we embark on together. 

The moral of the story 

Our name might be a chameleon in the world of phonetics, but our commitment to delivering standout digital experiences remains unchanging. We revel in the quirks of language and the humorous detours it presents. At Bolser Digital Agency, we believe that a little laughter goes a long way, especially when navigating the dynamic terrain of digital innovation. 

A name by any other sound 

Our most common doppelgangers might lead you to think we deal in lightweight aviation materials (“Balsa Digital”), fine dance moves (“Bolero Digital”), or even a certain Mexican dip (“Salsa Digital”). But we are none of these. We are Bolser, purveyors of top-tier digital strategies and innovation. Here’s a guide to the most common misspellings: 


How do we guide our audience to our site? It's all about understanding and harnessing the power of search. Optimising for these common misspellings in our digital content is not just about correcting errors; it’s about being where our audience is, even if they’ve taken a slightly wrong turn. 

To those who’ve ever misspelled the name, we hold no grudges. You've provided us with chuckles, insights, and a reminder that even in the digital realm, the human touch - with all its foibles - is invaluable. 

Here’s to the misspellers, the misrememberers, and the accidentally off-course. You remind us that our work isn't just about pixels and code, but about people and connections. 

Remember, it's Bolser with an "o" as in "original", and an "e" as in "excellence". And if all else fails, just think of us as that digital agency that's not quite balsa wood, not quite a dance, but entirely unique in the digital world. 



Managing Director