Bolser to the rescue!

Better Leeds, the Leeds-based charity had found their website had become impossible to amend and update.

Helping Better Leeds

Better Leeds, the Leeds-based charity had found their website had become impossible to amend and update. After it was designed a few years ago through some match funding, the charity was left with an outdated and very difficult to update website. With no funds to have it sorted professionally, they were on the verge of abandoning the whole website and starting again.

Better Leeds approached Bolser for some urgently needed support. We responded immediately, offering to improve their site for free, updating the Drupal content management system, and bringing everything into line with the latest security updates. We worked hard to make sure the site was functioning correctly and performing well.

Our support didn’t end there. We also provided the Better Leeds team with an easy to use guide on updating the site, enabling them to take complete control of the website. This gave the Better Leeds team the confidence they needed to manage their website effectively. In a fantastic post on LinkedIn, Better Leeds expressed their appreciation and acknowledged that it had been an absolute pleasure working with our team and highly recommended us for our technical skills and ability to communicate with non-technical staff.

We really wanted to help Better Leeds in its quest to make Leeds a better place for everyone. We understand that a website is a crucial aspect of any organisation, especially a charity. It can be the first point of contact for potential donors and supporters, and it is essential to have a site that is up to date, easy to navigate and secure. With our support, Better Leeds has achieved these goals, and their website is now working perfectly.

Our team were delighted to be able help this amazing charity and put their technical skills to good use getting the Better Leeds website back on track.



Managing Director