Strapi CMS

Scalable, Secure Websites with our Leeds-based Expert Developers

Strapi is an open source, easy-to-use and highly secure content management system (CMS) in which Bolser specialise. Our experience with this framework delivers transformational Google performance scores and digital sales conversion. 

Benefits of Strapi CMS web development

Tailored to​ your needs

Unlike traditional CMS solutions, Strapi can be custom-built to fit your exact requirements. Our team of UX design specialists work alongside our Strapi developers to build unique customer experiences.  

Fast and ​reliable

Excellent performance and efficiency. Handles high-traffic situations without slowing down your content delivery or negatively impacting your Google performance scores. 

Easily manageable content

Intuitive control panel so you can dynamically manage and create unique, imaginative website content without the need for an external agency.  


Robust security measures are built-in, protecting your website and audience from data threats. There is a commitment to regular security updates to give you peace of mind.  


The platform uses Node.js which is excellent for building unique and scalable applications. Your website will have the capacity to scale and grow with you. 


Strapi is open-source so does not have any heavy ongoing licensing costs and avoids vendor lock-in.  

What this means for your business

Empowered workflow

We believe that websites should be simple for our clients to edit and update and allow non technical users the tools to do so. Reduce the reliance on developers and agencies with an easy to use content management.

  • Content creators can add, edit and publish content
  • User-friendly tools for everyone
  • Less reliance on agency  developers
  • Collaborative content management

Endless flexibility

Unlike traditional CMS website solutions, Strapi offers a decoupled (headless) architecture to create a website customised just for you - without compromise. This flexibility empowers you to create unique and engaging user experiences across all your digital platforms.

  • Endless flexibility
  • Unique customisation opportunities
  • Quality without compromise

Unbreakable security

Strapi prioritises security with built-in features like user authentication, authorisation and data encryption. The Bolser development team is made up of experienced software engineers who are committed to implementing best practice from dev ops through to the front end design. 

  • Protection builds trust & loyalty with your customers
  • Keep customer data safe and secure
  • Constant updates thwart evolving threats

Future-Proof investment

Strapi is an open-source website CMS platform which enables businesses to avoid vendor lock-in and ongoing licensing fees. It's modular design allows you to scale your CMS as your business grows and helps you avoid expensive development costs associated with potential website rebuilds. 

  • Open-source website platform saves you money long-term
  • No costly platform migrations as your business scales
  • Grow your business online with confidence

Working together

Bolser work collaboratively with our clients to create unique digital solutions. We're a digital agency with a difference. Our website development team use tried and tested delivery methodologies to ensure your project goes beyond. Our team of project managers, ux designers, software engineers and testers work closely together in our Leeds office to ensure your project is delivered both efficiently and to a technically high standard. Take a look at our work page for examples.   

  • World-class team of industry experts
  • Rapid feedback and build cycles - Agile methodology using a Scrum framework
  • Tailored by client

For more information about Strapi, please take a look here.