Turning MyEE into the most-used telco app in the UK

EE is the largest mobile network operator in the UK, with 30 million customers, and the largest operator of 4G services in Europe.

My EE is their one-stop app where customers can self-serve devices, data, bills and add-ons. The app is fundamental to EE’s digital strategy, and it was underperforming against the goals set for it.

We were chosen for our specialist app UI/UX expertise to design a major update and improve performance.


review stars, up from 3


million monthly opens


telco app in the UK

“‘Our app has done brilliantly over the last two years and now has a fantastic set of KPIs. Bolser have provided design and UX for all updates and improvements: it's been a pleasure working with such a dedicated team of UX specialists who understand apps and understand our business.’”
James Salmon, Head of Digital Products
The challenge

Transforming the app experience to make it faster and easier to use

EE needed to transform the app experience to increase engagement and utilisation. This required a more intuitive experience, with faster and easier ways to manage users’ accounts.

The target KPIs included improving app review ratings, more app installations, and increasing utilisation rates.

What we did

Designing a more intuitive, richer experience

Our mobile app team drew on their specialist UI and UX design skills to overhaul the app. They designed more intuitive, richer customer journeys, including data visualisation and data sharing, and subjected each design element to rigorous tests and trials:

  • Using agile scrum methodologies, our team was able to rapidly deploy prototypes for testing purposes
  • We used the latest usability software, including eye tracking
  • The test results enabled our specialist UI / UX design team to focus on the enhancements that would have the most significant impact
  • Extensive data visualisations ensured the user could see the information they needed and be able to make changes to their settings, including mobile data usage
  • We streamlined and removed any unnecessary content, creating a visual hierarchy that mapped with the user priorities
  • Before public release, we further stress tested the app with a group of EE customers and guerrilla tested in store.
The results

Over 15 million monthly opens: the largest telco app in the UK

  • App review rankings improved from 3 stars to 4.5 stars. More customers preferred using MyEE to using the customer portal on the website
  • Soon after the enhancements were implemented, MyEE had over 15 million monthly opens, making it the largest telco app in the UK.

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