“We’re really pleased with the campaign, which has got off to a great start. We hope that it can grow and expand from here to have the biggest impact possible on people’s health and on their experiences when accessing surgical services.”

Sophie Blow, Clinical Lead, Leeds Teaching Hospitals

The challenge

Connecting with the audience

Persuading people to change habits established over a lifetime is no easy task. So it was essential that the campaign message connected with the target audience. The benefits had to be clear and the goals achievable. The campaign also had to work across multiple media including social, web, print and video.

What we did

Putting the PLAN into action

Our UX team began the project with an in-depth discovery phase which included mapping out the user journey and touchpoints. It was clear from the research that the concept needed to be simple and memorable with impactful creative and a multimedia, integrated approach, to maximise reach and engagement. We centred the ‘Shape Up 4 Surgery’ campaign around the word ‘PLAN’ which highlighted the 4 key areas to focus on in the weeks leading up to an operation.:

  • Physical - exercise & movement
  • Lifestyle - eating and wellbeing
  • Awareness - smoking & drinking
  • Next Steps - preparing for surgery

Accessibility was an essential factor so our creative team designed the campaign to be soft and approachable, incorporating hand drawn typography, inclusive character illustrations and multi-use graphics to convey the messaging.

To ensure maximum impact we implemented a fully integrated multimedia campaign including:

  • A new ‘Shape Up 4 Surgery’ microsite.
  • An animated video to visually demonstrate the surgical journey.
  • A promotional van wrap, for Trust delivery vans.
  • Bus vinyls promoting the 'PLAN'
  • A digital advert promoting ‘PLAN’ for use in Millennium Square in Leeds and across the City.
  • A printed postcard for patients to sign up to, promoting PLAN benefits.
  • Targeted social media ad campaigns across Facebook and Instagram.
  • Social media templates, video snippets, profile pictures and banners.

The results

High impact with great on-target reach

The campaign was a huge success, generating over 1,000,000 impressions and over 5,000 landing page views in the first 2 months. What's more, the click-through rate by far exceeded healthcare industry averages, while the cost per click was well below.