“Bolser were efficient, professional, and created a striking and engaging site that encompasses everything we hoped to portray around the development”

Christopher Ware, Director of Conygar Investment Company PLC

The challenge

Bringing the vision to life

Our challenge was to bring The Island Quarter plans to life online for potential business and residential occupants. The website had to portray the investor’s vision both visually and technically. It also had to be easy to scale as it would need to grow with the development.

What we did

UX design, website build, SEO

  • Working collaboratively with the team we created web designs from wireframes using user journey planning.
  • We built a detailed CMS to enable responsive site changes and scaling of the site.
  • Featuring carefully executed imagery and video content we ensured the look and feel of the site reflected the vision for the development.
  • We included a news page, with topic filters to ensure users can easily stay up to date with progress.
  • Users can also sign up to receive relevant newsletters, effectively building a database of interested contacts.
  • Our SEO team ensured the site was fully optimised for search.

The results

A top performing, visually appealing, scalable site

Conygar Investment Company were really pleased with how the website portrayed The Island Quarter and engaged with the target audience. They were also delighted with the increases in site traffic and Google Lighthouse scores:

  • 118% increase in page views
  • 95% increase in sessions
  • 88% increase in clicks from Google
  • 100/100 for SEO, Best Practices and Accessibility

We are looking forward to seeing the different phases of this exciting development come to life and updating the website to reflect this.