The ever so insightful keyword research

You can tell a lot about people and their collective habits from Google keyword research. So naturally, someone created a site that has done just that!

Now trending...

Trends are revealed through analysing keywords from before, during and after the Pandemic lockdowns.

The data shows spikes in search volumes for computer monitors, freezers, garden plants, power tools & loungewear giving us an insight into the nations new-found hobbies during lockdown. Meanwhile, search declined quite drastically for the term lipstick! I think it's safe to say that having nowhere to go and wearing masks, contributed to a reduced need to stock up on our favourite lippy.

The post lockdown trends in search tell a different story, showing increases in terms such as golf clubs, outdoor chairs and Tequila. A definite indicator that everyone was so ready to get out and socialise again!

Who knows what impact future events will have on search trends? Maybe we will look back at the data in 10 years time and have to remind ourselves why everyone chose loungewear over lipstick!

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Account Director (Performance Marketing)