The challenge

Improve the user experience for brokers

Design a new website which enables mortgage brokers to access the required information quickly and easily, thereby speeding up the process, reducing the number of calls to Business Development Managers, and ultimately increasing mortgage sales. 

What we did

A restructure based on real user feedback

  • Our first step was an in-depth discovery phase including analysis of the current website & competitor sites, the target audience, and collaboration with the Accord team on requirements and business objectives.
  • For the user research we interviewed 14 independent mortgage brokers across the UK, using a series of open-ended questions and action-based tasks to reveal issues with the current website. 
  • Working with the internal stakeholders, our UX team created user personas to inform the design process and optimise the user experience.
  • Using the insight gained from the research we were able to reorganise the information on the site and optimise the user journey.
  • We created a design system for use by Accord’s developers to ensure consistency in the site build. 
  • The mortgage brokers interviewed at the outset were consulted throughout the design process, to ensure the new site met their needs.

The results

A professional, informative and easy to use site

The Accord team were very pleased with the design of the new site and received positive feedback from both within the organisation and from external mortgage brokers.