UX Design

Transforming User Experience

We have an exceptional in-house UX design team who have experience working for global brands on digital products with millions of user interactions.

Our design approach is holistic so our UX designers work across all aspects of a project from strategy and research to visualisation and content creation.

This ensures continuity throughout the design process and delivery of outstanding user experience every time.

UX Strategy

Every project begins with a comprehensive discovery phase. That’s where we dig deep to really understand your business, your market and your target audience. By asking the questions others wouldn’t we unearth insights that inform our design decisions throughout the project.


Brand & Market Analysis

We leave no stone unturned. Competitors are benchmarked, audiences are identified, and user behaviours and personas are defined. We also experience brands first hand to understand how we can best elevate the experience for users.


Design Research

We never make assumptions, which is why all our design decisions are validated through research. This can be pre-design sentiment gathering research, early concept prototyping or full qualitative and quantitative user research. This insight helps us get our designs right first time.


Customer Journey mapping and user flow

We use detailed user journey analysis to map the customer experience from end to end, both on and offline. Digging deep into the data lets us see pain points and priority areas and ensure every interaction throughout the user journey is optimised.


We work in partnership with you throughout the entire design process, so you get visibility and the freedom to provide feedback, during the testing and adaption phases.

Armed with the insights gathered in discovery, we develop wireframes which map out features and functionality, and offer a full overview of the end design. Because we’re always thinking beyond, we future-proof our work through solid design systems with digital assets that can evolve and scale.

Prototyping brings concepts to life quickly, and where needed, designs can be easily adapted using Figma.

Accessibility is also fully integrated into our process. We design with inclusivity as a priority, using assistive technology to challenge designs as we work towards WCAG 2.1 AA standards.

Content Design

Whatever the project, our design team look for every opportunity to go further. They’re experts in all aspects of content design and understand that the right content strategy will transform the usability and visual appeal of your site, optimising engagement and conversion rates.


Digital assets

From video, audio and animated to motion and illustrated. If there’s a content format that will enhance the user experience, our UX designers will create it in a way that best brings your brand to life.


Marketing assets

The expertise we offer doesn’t stop at launch - we can create marketing assets to promote your site. From app store videos to targeted email and advertising campaigns, we have the expertise to design standout, engaging assets that drive users to your site.

"Bolser are UX design specialists. They have translated complex user journeys into intuitive, insight-driven designs to convert more users. A brilliant agency partner."

Sam Bunis

Director of Brand, Marketing and Communication