App Store Optimisation

App Store Optimisation (ASO) is all about improving the visibility, discoverability and ranking of your app in the app stores. In much the same way as Search Engine Optimisation improves the ranking of websites, ASO improves the ranking of apps, helping to maximise organic downloads.

Dramatic results from App Store Optimisation

Our approach to ASO

Both Google Play and Apple iOS stores rank apps based on an algorithm that includes many factors such as keyword usage, content quality, downloads, ratings, reviews and updates. Most of these factors can be influenced by the app developer and improved with continued ongoing management. Having built nearly 100 apps at Bolser, our team has extensive knowledge of the techniques and tools used to improve app ranking and downloads. The impact of ASO changes are easily measured and results can be dramatic. For example, within a week of implementing of our audit recommendations, Cartoon Network’s daily downloads increased by over 1000%.

What we do

Market Analysis, Keyword research, intent, volumes, Market activity & trends, Competitor analysis, Content Optimisation, Store listing review, metadata review, Gap analysis, Creative, Creative review of publishing assets and promo video, Asset creation/analysis, A/B test of ordering and styles, Review analysis, Volumes, Sentiment analysis, Trends, Star rating, Developer Response recommendations, Moderation recommendations.

Toon Cup daily downloads up 1000% following the implementation of ASO

How it works

As part of the app store optimisation process our Leeds based in-house team conducts in depth market analysis, keyword and search term research and profile competitors in your sector. We also analyse your app store publishing assets and ensure your app’s creative, content and copy are optimised for maximum discoverability in both Apple iTunes and Google Play stores.

The process doesn’t end when the app is launched.  A crucial element of ASO is the ongoing management and improvement of the app. Review ratings, review responses and regular app updates all contribute to the overall ranking of your app in the app stores.

Using our own AI based software, we efficiently analyse your app user reviews for sentiment and common themes. From this feedback we recommend a road map for future app development that will radically improve your app store ranking, star rating and downloads. Our system also allows straightforward personalised developer responses to all reviews and where applicable moderation of inaccurate, misleading and offensive reviews.

We have implemented ongoing app review monitoring for brands including Jet2, Discovery Channel, McDonald’s, KFC and Cartoon Network, and have dramatically improved their app store performance.  The Jet2 app flew up to 4 stars from a 1 star rating within 3 months. Discovery went from 2 to 4.5 stars in a month and from 12th to 1st place in the entertainment category.

The Jet2 app flew up to 4 stars from a 1 star rating within 3 months.

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With over 5 million apps now listed in the stores, ASO is an essential part of the app development process and only a fraction of the app development cost. Our app store optimisation team have the expertise to maximise your visibility, discoverability, conversion and organic downloads - ultimately giving your mobile app the best possible opportunity to achieve its targets.

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