Performance Marketing

Driving growth through knowledge

Our dedicated performance team specialise in SEO, PPC, conversion rate optimisation (CRO) and app store optimisation. As experts in optimising and measuring digital performance they ensure that the products we build get the visibility they deserve, while maximising conversion and ROI. Constantly learning and adapting continuous improvement is achieved through the application of insights and analytics to track user behaviour and measure results.

App Store Optimisation (ASO)

App store optimisation is all about improving the visibility, discoverability and ranking of your app in the app stores, helping to maximise organic downloads.

App stores rank apps based on many factors, such as keyword usage, content quality, downloads, ratings, reviews and updates. Most of these factors can be influenced by the app developer and improved by ongoing management. Having launched and optimised over 100 apps at Bolser, we have extensive knowledge of the techniques and tools used to achieve this.

Our rigorous app store optimisation process includes in-depth market analysis, keyword research and competitor profiling. We analyse the app store publishing assets and ensure the app’s design, content and copy are optimised for maximum discoverability in both the Apple App store and Google Play.

App review resolution and app updates are also important components of app store optimisation. Using our own AI-based software, we analyse user reviews for sentiment and themes. This insight enables the prioritisation of app updates, which can radically improve app store ranking, star-rating and download conversion.

Pay Per Click advertising (PPC)

PPC advertising can transform your digital performance by generating website traffic quickly and cost effectively, driving app downloads, capturing leads and raising your brand’s profile.

Whereas organic SEO strategies can take time to have impact, a well-executed PPC campaign can take your brand straight to the top of your audience’s search ranking and deliver results fast. It’s also easy to test and refine your approach based on campaign success metrics, which can also be used to enhance your longer-term SEO strategy and optimise your website content.

Our design, development and performance experts work together to create high impact, compelling PPC campaigns that generate actionable leads through audience engagement. Once the campaign goes live, we constantly test and learn using data driven analysis to refine the proposition, maximise conversion and reduce the cost to acquire.

Analytics and Insights

Web analytics are the driving force of performance marketing. Understanding how your website is being used enables you to continuously improve your site content and performance, to stay ahead of your competitors.

At the start of a project our performance analysts work with you to understand your objectives and priorities and define meaningful metrics. This ensures you receive exactly the data you require to drive and measure the results you need. Once your site is live we continually monitor your analytics to spot trends, highlight issues and recommend improvements, as your site evolves. We specialise in conversion rate optimisation (CRO) campaign development to ensure your website meets it targets for lead generation, conversion, and overall user experience (UX).  

Data is nothing without the power to interpret it. Our analysts are experts in extracting insights and trends from web analytics data. We also use the latest tools such as Google Tag Manager to track user interaction and Microsoft Clarity to identify user behaviour through heat mapping. Using Looker Studio we set up real-time, interactive reporting dashboards. The dashboards can be configured to update dynamically and are shared with you. They can also pull in data from other sources to provide a 360° picture of your organisation.

"Bolser have played a pivotal role in our success to date as we expand our digital footprint, working closely with our team to ensure a smooth transition and maintenance of our SEO and organic ranking. We would recommend Bolser to anyone looking for an agile, approachable, and knowledgeable agency."

Louise Whitt

Head of Digital Marketing & Ecommerce


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